Bradley Hallman Talks Flipping Sticks

Click the below link to a video where FLW Tour Winner, Bradley Hallman, discusses the flipping sticks he used to win the 2016 FLW Tour Opener on Okeechobee.





Watch Bradley catch 25 pounds on the Mosley RodWorks 8' Flipping Stick!


Watch Bradley land an 8 pounder on the Mosley RodWorks 8' Flipping Stick!

Nick LeBrun - Back to Back BFL Winner

These rods have been a key part of my success this year while catching giants out of shallow thick cover.  Brandon knew exactly what I needed out of a rod and built a rod that I can't imagine going without!  That's why I choose my flipping rod from Mosley RodWorks.


Nick LeBrun

Brad Lankford - Bassmaster

Photo Courtesy of James Overstreet
Photo Courtesy of James Overstreet

I once believed that all rods were created equal and boy was I wrong. With today’s technique-specific rods being so important, Mosley RodWorks gives me the ability to have the best possible rod for any situation. I not only attain the right rod blank and action, but I also receive high quality components the way that I want it.


Throwing the A-Rig was once difficult and cumbersome, but with a 7-11 Phenix that is counter weighted for a zero tip weight and micro guides, I can now use it all day with minimal fatigue.


The Lamiglas cranking rods not only make it much easier to deep crank all day, but the fish stay hooked up because of the perfect action in the glass blank. 


No matter what your needs are repairs, flipping, cranking, spinning, or a monster A-Rig Rod, Brandon will build you the best.


Brad Lankford

Day 1 Leader Bassmaster Central Open #1 (2012)


Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Federation Nation

I wanted to personally thank Mosley RodWorks for your support of the Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Federation Nation. As the President of the OBFN, I am proud to partner with a company whose top priorities are quality and customer service. All of the OBFN members who have taken advantage of our partnership, rave about their Mosley Custom Rods. The rods look fantastic and when it comes to rod performance, well, let's just say there's nothing like fishing custom rods that you design for your own fishing technique and style, a rod that is handcrafted, tuned, and balanced for you! When the stakes are high and the pressure cooker is on 'full blast', you definitely want a fishing rod you can always count on. Your technique-specific rods give each angler an opportunity to use the right tool for the job at hand and the peace of mind they are going to perform as needed.


Keith Blackstone, President
Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Federation Nation


My name is William Kainer. I bought a 7 foot heavy custom rod from you about a year ago now, and I have loved everything about it. I've been flipping and frogging various places near me recently that are covered in thick primrose. When I'm frogging I have more than enough power to drive those hooks in and pulling the fish in through the thick stuff is easily done. When I'm flipping I can feel everything and and really smack em when they bite. Overall I have been absolutely amazed with your product. I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service and helping me catch more fish.