Brandon Mosley, Owner of Mosley RodWorks

I am an avid bass fisherman, and I am often found fishing local weekend bass tournaments. I started what would become Mosley RodWorks in the spare bedroom of my house in Bethany, Oklahoma in 2007. I did not, originally, set out to build custom rods, but in the quest to keep my personal gear in tip-top shape, I began to acquire the tools, equipment, and knowledge necessary to do repair work of all types on fishing rods. This little project quickly turned into repairing rods for my fishing cronies, and word began to spread.


During one cold spell in the winter of 2007, I found myself in need of a new jig rod. I decided I might as well try to build my own since I had all the specialized tools from repairing my rods. I began to scour the internet and ordered all the components I would need to build my very first rod, which still goes with me to almost every tournament. It answers the call when a finesse jig is the ticket. That first rod took me well over two weeks to complete from start to finish. As with the repair work, the word began to spread that I could build custom rods to fit any application. Within the next year, I went on to build more than ten fishing rods for friends and their friends. Mosley RodWorks was born.


I am by no means a mass production rod business. Each rod is unique in that it receives extreme attention to detail throughout every step. I subscribe to the school of thought that, “If it is not right, do not try to hide a problem or do the quick fix. Simply start over and do it correctly."  I am personally involved in every step of each rod produced from the initial blank and component selection all the way through until the wraps are completely dry.


I have tested my rods in tough competitions and found success in the local Pro-Am circuits. I am a three-time Okie Division BFL Champion, as well as a Bassmaster Weekend Series Champion. I also fish a few large team events and have managed a win as well as several Top-Ten finishes.


I won my first BFL in 2010 flipping with a 7’ rod that I built. I was again a winner the following year dragging a football jig on a different 7’3" Heavy G. Loomis rod that was built by Mosley RodWorks (G. Loomis no longer manufactures blanks for custom rod builders), and in 2012 I won my first BWS on a 7’3” Heavy Mosley RodWorks’ rod.

I have managed to catch one Largemouth over the 10-pound mark in my life, and it is really special that I was able to catch it on one of my own rods. As long as I live, I will never forget the seconds that transpired from the initial hookset, throughout the fight, and the instant I put my hand in its gargantuan mouth. I shook like a leaf once I realized how big she was!


Some may look at it as a passion, an obsession, or even a disease; but I eat, sleep, and breathe fishing. I put everything I have into making every rod that leaves the Mosley RodWorks bench the best that it can possibly be. I do what I do to help people hook, fight, and land the biggest fish of their lives. There are several rods that Mosley RodWorks has built that are used by top pros in the Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour.


Mosley RodWorks is not the cheapest…. and not the flashiest…. but, when it comes to designing the perfect rod for your specific technique, Mosley RodWorks is THE BEST!