Every rod is customized just for your fishing technique


You can go to a large retail store and purchase a variety of fishing rods that will perform most tasks that a fishing rod is expected to. All of them will cast a bait to some degree, most will allow an angler to fight and sometimes land a fish. If you are an angler who demands more out of your gear than most, we can help you design and build the rod that will elevate your all around performance above and beyond that of any mass produced rod. We can tailor a rod to a specific technique by answering a few questions for us via phone call or e-mail. Some things that are considered when working with you for a technique specific rod are: Lure weight and size, line size and type, fishing method (target casting, offshore, heavy cover, open water, etc.)


Each and every rod blank has a spline. Prior to assembly of a custom rod, the spline of the blank is determined and the handle and guides are oriented along the spline of the rod. This ensures that when fighting a fish you are able to use the rod for what it is designed for, instead of using any of your energy to keep the rod from twisting in your hand as well as increasing casting accuracy. You would be surprised how many mass produced “high end” rod manufacturers don’t ensure that guides are oriented correctly on the blank.


We take fishing very seriously and spend countless hours testing and tuning configurations. We have helped many anglers improve their bite to land ratio on almost every imaginable presentation.

Every rod is customized just for your fishing technique


  • Double Foot
  • Single Foot
  • Micro
  • Multiple Types of Inserts
  • Colored Guides
  • Colored Inserts

Guide Orientation

  • Traditional Configuration
  • Spiral Configuration

Guide Wraps

  • Unlimited Solid Color
  • Metallic Trim
  • Metallic Versablend
  • Tiger Wrap

Reel Seats

  • Full Graphite
  • Blank Through Graphite
  • Metal
  • Colored
  • Skeletal

Handle Materials

  • Winn Grips
  • Cork
  • EVA Foam

Handle Configuration

  • Full Winn
  • Split Grip Winn
  • Full Cork
  • Full EVA
  • Split Grip Cork
  • Split Grip EVA
  • Wood Inlay
  • Custom Shaped Cork Handles

Custom Labeling

(Virtually any text can be added)

  • Name
  • Initials
  • Company Logo
  • Collegeiate Logo
  • Pro Athletic Team Logo